Klean Commodities is a wholly-owned by Klean Industries Inc. and is engaged in the production, sale and purchase of greener more sustainable commodities.

Klean Commodities is engaged in the manufacture, distribution, import and export of sustainable high grade commodities and chemical raw materials. With an aim for high standards we maintain consistency in product quality and efficacy, and fulfill higher specifications of the changing and advanced world of raw materials by meeting and exceeding the requirements of the chemical raw material institutions and industry. We also provide industry leading consultations on new raw material formulations and production technologies to improve efficiencies and product qualities.

We co-operate with hundreds of large scale commodity producers that produce commodities greener and more efficiently than any others in the market today, by operating with the best producers in the business we can better control, the environmental aspects of production, quality and most importantly the cost of production. Therefore, we are able to sell our raw materials on the open market more competitively both overseas and domestically.

Klean Commodities has been making constant efforts to provide the best in products and services. The realization of its responsibilities as a raw materials company goes beyond providing the products it manufactures. We are a unique raw materials supplier providing technical service and products used in the manufacturing of steel, automobiles, thin-film solar, electronics, paints, coatings, rubber, plastics, advance materials, specialty chemicals, additives, adhesives and sealants, fiber reinforced composites (FRP), resins, fuels and energy products.

We are committed to the continuous improvement in quality of products and services to the industries we serve. One of the ways we confirm this commitment is by our involvement in NACD’s Responsible Distribution Process® (RDP). We deliver products and services to our customers in a timely manner that consistently meets their specifications and satisfies their expectations. By acting responsibly in all aspects of business, we can satisfy our customers through continuous improvement.

We can provide these special services anytime and anywhere, so please don’t hesitate contact us.