The majority of our customers are referred by existing clients and professionals in the traditional energy markets, waste to energy and the new emerging clean tech industry. However, we are now seeing increasing numbers of groups approaching us for assistance from all over the world in this rapidly expanding market. Here are some of the kind words they have for us:

“We approached Klean after spending the nearly 2 years getting the running around by various vendors falsely claiming to offer commercial scale technology to only find out that we had been lead down the wrong path. When we first contacted your company we were somewhat hesitant being charged for an equipment quotation and after review of your process and in following through with it, we are blown away by the value you provided. Wish we came to you when we started our project; we would have not only saved time getting accurate details but we would have also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars avoiding costly delays and investor embarrassment. The Klean Team is a breath of fresh air and understands what it takes to make projects a reality — all I can say is…WOW!” – US Customer.

“Thank you for the extremely detailed project quotation, it is much more detailed than those we have previously reviewed from other vendors. We will be in contact with you once we have completely digested the proposal and have locked down a number of items you highlight as project risks. It is very obvious that the Klean Team is very comfortable and confident in what you do and why your company is leading the way forward in the tires to oil and plastics to oil technology space, we look forward to contracting you to undertake our and feasibility.” – US Customer

“Working with Klean has enabled us with the ability to develop projects in countries which were otherwise difficult to deal in. Klean’s professional service, competitive solutions, and efficient handling of the entire engineering process has provided us with a competitive advantage in our project development lifecycle.” – Hermann Niehues, Rethmann Group

“I was quite skeptical at hiring a firm from outside of Europe…your performance in this solicitation effort has exceeded our expectations and your recent expert witness testimony (when this effort was challenged) was virtually flawless and possibly the pivotal evidence, this competitive bidding process should save the Authority approximately $2,200,000 over the next five years.” – Hermann Scheer, German MP-WCRE