Carbon Black Alternatives

CBk Carbon Black Fillers, Alternatives & Substitutes

In simple terms, traditional Carbon Black is produced by subjecting heavy residual oil feedstock to extremely high temperatures in a carefully controlled combustion process which produces an industrial black powder. However for every tonne of Carbon Black produced it requires 2 tons of heavy oil as the feedstock which produces 10 tons of CO2 emission for each tonne of product.

Our CBk Series Carbon Blacks are manufactured using a very different process. In fact, in most applications we don’t use oil at all to manufacture our CBk Carbon Blacks. We produce our CBk Series from reprocessing existing feedstocks which already contain specific grades of Carbon Black. Once recovered this valuable resource is then refined and polished using a set of proprietary technologies and unique know-how. We offer 3 CBk Carbon Black Series: CBk500 Series, CBk600 Series and CBk700 Series.

These commercial grades have varying sizes and structures, each produced through quality controlled state-of-the-art process upgraders. Another key attribute of the CBk Series products, is the fact that their manufacturing process produces next to zero carbon dioxide emissions and as a result significant carbon emissions are offset by integrating these high quality Carbon Blacks concentrates into your finished product. The CBk Series offers industry a sustainable more cost effective alternative to traditional Carbon Blacks on the market today.

We are proud to be leading global supplier, of specialized environmentally friendly Carbon Blacks that are used as reinforcing fillers and versatile commercially accepted substitutes for industrial grade Carbon Black applications. Our group now produces nearly 250,000 metric tons of CBk Carbon Blacks annually.

Please feel free to call us for special large volume discounts as we can supply powder and granular product. Our production facilities are environmentally friendly and are ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 certified . If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us for more specific details.