Carbon Offset Certificates

We Offer Quality Certified Emission Reductions at the Lowest Prices

Support clean energy and fight climate change and create a plan to reduce or offset your emissions footprint. We help businesses; governments, organizations and individuals manage and neutralize their greenhouse gas emissions.

Klean Commodities is a Global sustainable commodities provider that helps consumers and businesses neutralize and offset their carbon footprint through clean energy projects that prevent greenhouse gas emissions. Our projects are highly visible and make substantial contributions to our communities that support these sustainable initiates. Our offsets are produced through various installations that are producing renewable energy, recycling and/or recovering valuable resources from various waste streams.

Klean Commodities is dedicated to providing its customers with effective, top-quality offsets at the lowest prices. Klean Commodities offers Carbon Offset Certificates that are certified under both “renewable energy credits” (RECs) and Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol – officially registered paperwork comes with all offsets purchased. These CERs can be used for compliance in the EU Emission Trading Scheme and other national schemes.

If you are looking for large scale purchase of Certified Carbon Credits in the millions of tonnes Klean Commodities can supply the project to fit the needs.

Klean Commodities’ partners launched one of the world’s first private sector aggregators, which raised commitments to source and manage a portfolio of 15 million tonnes of carbon credits on behalf of its three participants: Enel Trade SpA, the principal trading subsidiary of Enel SpA, the leading Italian utility; the Public Power Corporation S.A. of Greece; and the Marubeni Corporation of Japan. The team’s portfolio fulfilled its commitments to its participants ahead of schedule and in an economically prudent way.  The performance of the contracted projects was proactively managed and the corporate structure of the vehicle was flexible enough to result in a commercially sound outcome for participants despite significant changes in the underlying market.In parallel, Klean’s team developed a successful global trading business with over €500 million Euro under management; with an operational profile of:

  • Signed ERPAs equivalent to 40 million tonnes of CO2 mitigated
  • Across over 60 CDM projects originated: in China, India, Peru, and South Africa
  • Methodologies and technologies including: Landfill Gas , Coal Mine Methane, HFC, Hydro, Wind, Waste Heat Recovery, Fuel Switching
  • The counterparties include: Investec, Enel, PPC, Marubeni, JFE Steel, KEPCO, Ineos, Vitol, Nuon, Noble, HVB Bank, JP Morgan, Fortis, Barcap, Shell and Dresdner.

Since inception, the team has been at the forefront of the carbon market and remains a pioneer in structuring and transacting complex financial deals to maximize returns to shareholders and interested parties.




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