Diesel Fuels

Better Petroleum Products with Lower Carbon Footprints

Klean Commodities is a growing independent petroleum marketer in the global market place. Klean Commodities is dedicated to providing our customers with the most cost-effective options for purchasing and accepting delivery of bulk fuel. We have access to more than 50 oil suppliers from more than 100 supply terminals, which allows us to remain extremely competitive in our market. We provide bulk fuel for commercial fleets, trucking companies, utilities, municipalities, industrial manufacturing facilities and more. To accommodate specialty needs, we also offer access to fuels for use across a large spectrum of applications form Aviation and Bio-diesel fuels and a variety of additives.

With fuel prices consistently rising, we’re working hard to bring added value to your bulk fuel needs. Commercial fuel procurement and delivery is only a portion of our capabilities. We guarantee just-in-time bulk fuel delivery which allows you to maximize your cash flow by minimizing inventory on-hand.

Klean Commodities takes a proactive approach to fuel management. Thanks to our relationships with leading suppliers and producers, we are able to offer special pricing programs, protecting you from erratic pricing spikes that could hurt your business. By allowing us to help you budget your bulk fuel costs more accurately, we can help you improve your company profits.

We currently market bulk fuel in North America and Europe; however, we are continually assessing geographic expansion opportunities. Contact us to find out how Klean Commodities can become your bulk fuel supplier.