Equipment Quotes

Get a Detailed Plant Quote – Direct from the Manufacturer

If you have an alternative energy project in mind and want to integrate alternative energy into your business strategy or are seeking business opportunities in the alternative energy industry, there is no need to waste time trying to evaluate the project’s costs and merits because we evaluate dozens of projects and potential projects each month, which keeps us current with environmental regulations, permitting requirements, and perhaps most importantly, equipment costs, both designed and installed. With this level of expertise, the Klean Team can creatively look at your situation and offer the best possible solution at the best price, call us for a consultation. We can provide detailed budgetary capital cost quotes for early consideration by prospective customers.

To obtain a budgetary quote all inquiries must follow the below procedure and then download, fax, mail or scan & email the forms back to us. This will enable us to gain an initial understanding of the scope and size of your project. We will then follow up to discuss your project in more detail prior to preparing the budgetary quote.
The technologies, designs and engineering is owned and provided by Klean Industries Inc, for more information on these products and services, please visit the Klean Industries website.

What value do we provide our customers & project partners? 

  • A detailed equipment quote (part by part);
  • Flow charts & mass balance calculations; Balance of plant calculations (“BOP”);
  • Territory exclusivity while project is under consideration & development;
  • Full estimate of an engineering, procurement, construction wrap (“EPC”);
  • All upfront fees are deducted from projects overall development & capital costs;
  • Complete finance application (special finance packages & rates with 85% – 100% financing O.A.C.);
  • Ten hours of senior management consultations with an award winning team (expedited due diligence);
  • Detailed financial model with optional built-in customers for end products ( buy back options).