EN 590 ULS Diesel Fuel Equivalent


1 Tonne (Approx 8 Barrels) of Diesel Fuel Oil

Klean Commodities’ plastic derived diesel fuel oils are recovered from a selected combination of PP, PS, PE, HDPE, and LDPE. Our fuel has a flash point of approximately 63 degrees C. This is higher than CIMAK-10 commercial grade diesel fuel (50 degrees C flash point) used in industrial/commercial combustion engines. This product is known for its high Btu’s, quality and cleanliness.

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Stabilize your fuel cost by utilizing this environmentally friendly fuel product. Its quality is equivalent to an ultra low sulphur EN590 diesel fuel and it has a cetane rating exceeding 60. Our diesel fuel offers a significant economic incentive for manufacturers and other mass consumers of diesel.

This fuel product can be used neat in a variety of applications and or can be further blended with biodiesel to enhance a both the economics and environmental bottom line for any industrial user.

Use: direct application or to be blended to produce off road diesel, marine diesel fuel or burner fuel, etc.

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Price: US$1,375/MT – $1.00/L (including steel drums) FOB Klean Commodities Distribution Center